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Let’s Launch Together!

Have you written a children’s story or do you create illustrations that you can imagine becoming a brilliant children’s book for iPad or other tablet? Read on!

Let's Launch Together!

Red Piggy Press is a publisher of personalizable, interactive, eye-opening children’s stories.

We tackle weighty issues — social, cultural, lingual, art, science, and math — and make them fun to learn. In fact, although our stories are entertaining, they also challenge children to use critical thinking skills for such things as figuring out what happens next, moving to the next page,  and solving challenges.

Do we ever use those words in our books? Gosh, no.

And for our illustrations? These are true works of art, worthy of being matted and framed.

All of our books are respectful to children 1-17 around the world, and also multi-layered for older children and adults.

Note: we do not publish stories that are political, happily-ever-after, didactic, cartoony, or pessimistic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — it’s just not us.

If you feel like your work and our mission fits hand in hand, we’d love to hear from you. To express interest in submitting a story or being an illustrator, please follow these steps:

  1. LIKE us on Facebook. We’d like to get to know you, and this is a great way to start conversations.
  2. Become a penpal and tell us why you’re into Red Piggy Press.
  3. Take the children’s book writer or illustrator questionnaire to tell us about yourself and your work.

Your quiz will be reviewed by a senior editor, and if it seems like we’re a great fit, you’ll receive a personal invitation to submit your story or portfolio.

All submissions, once requested, must be original work of the author or illustrator and not previously published.

Thanks for your interest in Red Piggy Press!

Need more insight? Check out these authors and illustrators who inspire us. Also take a peek at our YouTube channel.

~Shelly and the Red Piggy Press Team

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