One Percent for Kids’ Education

Our Adopt-a-Charity App Program

When we meet up with nonprofit educational organizations that have a similar mission as Red Piggy Press, we want to jump up and down.

1% for Kids' Education: Red Piggy Press' commitmentYES for leveraging arts and technology to educate and enhance critical thinking skills in children.

YES for encouraging hands-on interactivity and creativity in children to solve problems in the world.

YES for collaborating with professional artists, educators, and movers-and-shakers to bridge the gap in public education in America today.

(That’s our cheerleading chant — not very catchy, but you get the picture.) We’re so thrilled to meet these organizations, that we want to help. So, we’ve committed to giving 1% to charity — specifically, nonprofit educational organizations — like museums, aquariums, botanical gardens, and schools  going above and beyond — that are just as committed to kids’ education as we are.

Each kids’ app that we create will “adopt” a charity or nonprofit to support. This organization will receive 1% of sales of that particular app. Pretty neat huh?

Our first app, All Fixed Up, is currently in the process of adopting a nonprofit. Stay tuned for the official announcement!

Would you like to get adopted? Please contact us to get the conversation started!

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