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One way to explore other cultures throughout history is by examining how they lived. In what kind of structure did they live and work? Many cultures have made their homes with mud brick. It’s easy to recreate an approximation of these homes or design your own (as we did) using small mud bricks. Here’s what [...]

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Did you know 2012 is the year of the dragon? And … I’m a dragon. So naturally I decided to have the kids make their own dragon puppets as the Chinese New Year comes to a close in February. I kept the concept and the materials simple. We used: brown paper lunch sacks green yarn crayons [...]

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It’s full swing into Fall! In my son’s kinder class, we made some beautiful collage trees to celebrate the changing colors in our environment. Some kids were really into building a paper tree and others were more about the process of going through the magazine, looking at images, and discussing what might be in their [...]

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My sister in law grows gourds in the fall and sends them to me for the holidays. We kept a couple gourds and let them dry with the intention of making bird houses. A year later, my five year old and I finally got around to it. If you want to make your own birdhouse, [...]

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Let’s Get Apple Stamping!

by Wendy Kwasny on October 12, 2012

Recently, I was asked to do an art project about nature and fall with a small group of kindergarteners. I immediately wanted to introduce some basic art principles like mixing two colors to get a new color. Making stamps out of apples seemed the perfect art project. Here’s what you need: Apples, sliced in half [...]

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For months now, we have been counting down the days until Halloween. I was so glad when it was finally October and we could really decorate publicly without looking too crazy. What the holidays really mean around here are crafts. Lots and lots of crafts. Often, I make them up as I go along based [...]


Kids, School, and Screen Time

by Wendy Kwasny on September 17, 2012

What Are Your Screen Time Limits? My oldest child started Kindergarten last week at a Waldorf-inspired Charter school. There are a lot of opinions about Waldorf, and I’m not here to debate them. One of the rules, uh, “requests” of the school is to eliminate screen time on all school days and nights. So, basically [...]


I’m lucky enough that I get to stay home with my children while my husband goes to work every day. I know, traditional, right? But in today’s economy my husband has to go where the work is. Sometimes, the work is up north and we take him to the airport on Sunday night and pick [...]

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My children are always watching, listening, and absorbing everything that going on around them. Even when I think my son is otherwise occupied, with his nose in an iPad book, like Jack and the Beanstalk, he’ll lift his head and ask a question or add to our conversation. It’s always a slightly shocking reality check [...]

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If I can find a place that teaches my kids about science, nature, history, culture and gets us some exercise at the same time, I’m in!  The kids just like playing in the mud and getting as filthy as possible. In San Diego’s Mission Trails, a place called Grinding Rock that does all those things.  [...]

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