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All Fixed Up: Red Piggy Press icon for iPad

Our storybook, All Fixed Up, has many hidden interactions. Read this page to get the most out of the app.

Technical Specs

All Fixed Up is available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini, and runs best on iOS 6.0+. If you’re having any technical issues with the app on 6.0+,  please contact us.

All Fixed Up Is Educational and Entertaining

All Fixed Up (the kid’s app) is an interactive storybook designed for 4-8 year old children to explore, discover, and learn cause and effect. The story on each page gives you hints about the possible interactions on the page.

The best part? Your customizations are SAVED as a video at the end, so you can share it with loved ones via Facebook and e-mail.

First Read

During your first read-through, don’t worry too much about what you might be missing. Just enjoy the story to the end. TAP the upper right corner once to turn pages. TAP the lower left red piggy for a menu of options.

Second Read

When you read it again, pay attention to the illustrations. What do they add to the story? What do the tell you about the characters?

Third Read+

Explore. There are interactions on every page. Tap, swipe, and listen to words and pictures. There’s no “right” way to read this book. Everyone will have a different experience.

Page by Page Hints and Suggestions

Please note that these are just suggestions. It’s not intended for you to do them all!

Cover page: Choose between English and Spanish. There are many ways to say “All Fixed Up” in Spanish, depending on the circumstance. Can you find them all?

Dedication page: Type in a child’s first name by tapping on the line. Record the name by tapping Record, waiting for the 3-2-1 countdown, stating the name, and click Stop. Hint: The recording shows up later in the book, so be animated!

Choose among Read to me, Read to myself, and Read and record buttons. If you choose the second option, you will not hear the narration. If you choose Read and record, you can read the story aloud and have the app record your voice. Here are a few hints about the possibilities:

Page 1, “Before the sun …”

  • What does an owl say? Tap to hear an owl hoot. Owls go to sleep when the sun comes up.
  • Does mom or dad travel more often? Tap the word highlighted in green to switch between parents.
  • Let’s help mom/dad wake up! Tap the blue window to zoom into the bedroom and make mom/dad yawn and blink. Turn on and off the lamp and alarm clock by tapping.

Page 2, “S/he showers …”

  • Let’s help mom/dad get dressed. What should s/he wear? Try tapping multiple times or tapping and holding for different actions.
  • Can you give the child kisses? Tap to apply kisses. Let’s explore the bedroom and find the squirrel! Swipe to look around. Don’t forget to look under the bed! Is anyone awake?
  • What do you think this child likes to do?

Page 3, “Dad/Mom’s going …”

  • Can you find the squirrel? Where might she be hiding?
  • Let’s look closer on the map. Where is dad/mom going? Tap the map to zoom. Drag and drop pins to show where the parent is going. Pinch to zoom in for details.
  • Can you find the:
    • Giraffe
    • Eiffel Tower
    • Elephant
    • Chinese lanterns
    • Kangaroo
    • Polar bear
    • Maple leaf
    • Statue of Liberty
    • Golden Gate Bridge
    • Fish
    • Penguins
    • Viking boat
    • Grasslands bird
  • Can you name all the continents? The oceans?
  • Would you rather travel the world by boat, truck, plane, submarine, or hot air balloon?
  • When Mom/Dad’s away, how do you feel? What do you do to prepare for their return?

Page 4, “My dad/mom fixes …”

  • Can you find the story? The dogs? The ice cream store?
  • Swipe the background UP to make the bicycle ride.
  • Tap the hair to add and remove ponytails (whatever you choose will remain for the rest of the story)
  • What do you think will be fixed next? How do you fix that?

Page 5, “When my bicycle …”

  • How do you pump up a flat tire? Swipe down on the pump three times to fill the tire and make it happy.
  • What do you think s/he’ll fix next?

Page 6, ” When I scraped …”

  • How can we make it all better? Tap or drag and drop the bandage onto the hurt knee. It must be centered to make the child smile.
  • Can you find the squirrel?
  • How many bandages do you need when you get hurt?

Page 7, “When my friend …”

  • How can we make someone happy when their feelings get hurt? Add love! Apply at least three hearts to make the child smile and the hot air balloon fill up.
  • Can you make the hot air balloon fly?
  • What do you hear? Birds?
  • How high will the balloon go? What happens when you reach the top of the sky?

Page 8, “A broken …”

  • Remember, things that glow green can change things dramatically!
  • Tap the parts of the car to fix it. You might need to do a lot of tapping!
  • Did you fix it? What happened?
  • Can you find the squirrel?
  • Tap the car again after it’s fixed to give it a new paint job!

Page 9, “A lopsided …”

  • Uh-oh, the helicopter needs help straightening out. Based on your previous experience with fixing things, how will you fix this one?
  • Do you see anything glowing green?
  • Did you find the squirrel?

Page 10, “A leaky …”

  • Something else to fix! How many taps will it take? Can you guess?
  • Can you make the submarine go again? (Hint: swipe the background.)
  • Did you find the squirrel? What is she wearing?
  • How many fish do you see?
  • How many seagulls? Where do you think they are going?

Page 11, “When Dad/Mom’s away …”

  • Do you recognize these toys? Why?
  • What should you do with them? The story gives you a hint. (Drag and drop all the toys into the box.)
  • What is the squirrel dreaming of?
  • Who taped up the box after all the toys were put away?

Page 12, “And before I  …”

  • The story gives you a hint about what to do. Did you figure it out? Yes! Tap the leaves.
  • How many leaves are there?
  • Did you find the squirrel? What is she doing?
  • The background changes as the squirrel climbs. What do you think this means? Why are the leaves a different color?
  • Oh look, owls! And bees! What did they say?

Page 13, “I’ll have new …”

  • Who’s at the cash register?
  • How many pairs of shoes do you want to buy? Drag them into the bag to purchase.
  • How many hats did you find? Swipe to the side to shop for more hats. Tap and drag them into the bag.
  • Would Mom/Dad really wear that hat?
  • Did you put everything into the bag? What happened next?

Page 14, “We’ll search …”

  • Can you find Mom/Dad in the crowd? Try touching and swiping to find him/her!
  • How many people are wearing glasses?
  • Did you see the lady with the bun on her head? What else do you see?
  • Do you get excited when we go pick up Mom/Dad?
  • What do you think happens next?

Page 15, “Until he/she …”

  • If you typed the child’s name in the dedication, it will appear again here.
  • Who’s voice is that?

Page 16, “And everything …”

  • Do you see the squirrel?
  • Who’s house is that?
  • How many hearts appear when you get hugs?

Page 18, “Do you have …”

  • Here’s where your child can draw and type a story all of her/his own.
  • Consider adding siblings and pets to your story.
  • Write a message to your parent when s/he’s away.
  • Draw your own kisses and hearts!

Page 19, “Ask an adult …”

  • It will take about a minute for your video to generate. Then you can preview it before sharing it with friends and family by email or Facebook.
  • Once you log in and click Share on Facebook, it may take up to 4 minutes to connect with Facebook, depending on your Internet connection speed. Please be patient!
  • When you’re video is posted, you’ll get a Success! message. Once you go to Facebook to see it, it may take another 2 minutes or so to appear, depending on Facebook.

Questions? Ideas? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us.



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