All Fixed Up Reviews

What Parents Are Saying

“My 4 1/2 and 2 year olds don’t always have the words to describe how they’re feeling when their dad’s away. All Fixed Up makes it easier for us to talk about it together.” –Dara Erck, Mom

“I wish I had had All Fixed Up when my children were very little and I was the “staying home” parent. Whether you’re a child or a grown-up, the story soothes and the beautiful illustrations captivate.” –Linnea Dayton, Author and Grandma

All Fixed Up should be in the hands of all parents who travel often — especially military on deployment. This is a fantastic story that has tremendous potential to help military kids cope. The story helps keep the parent and child connected and thinking about each other, and I imagine would also help with the transition back into the household. If I had any criticism, I’d just wish this book app had happened sooner.”  –Steve Suhrheinrich, Dad, Former Lieutenant, U.S. Navy

“As a military family of four, we have distinct challenges related to the demands of my husband’s Naval career. All Fixed Up addresses the issue of Dad’s deployments from our perspective  — as a normal way of life, a life that we chose. The unique ability to customize this story is not only charming, but also really empowering for my kids. A lovely, uplifting story.” –Stephanie McMahon, Owner of Muti-Culti Tribe: Connecting Kids Through Culture, U.S. Navy Wife, Mom of Two

“All Fixed Up will help children with parents who travel to feel acknowledged and comforted by the thought that there are others in the world who also go through this. It will make kids feel special that there is a book written specifically for their circumstance. The ability to personalize the story really makes it all about them.” –Christy Pavano, Mom, Traveling Business Woman

“This book [All Fixed Up] is absolutely FANTASTIC. Product, interaction, everything feels right. And the illustrations are gorgeous.” –Keith Knueven, Designer and Proud Uncle

All Fixed Up is Red Piggy Press’ first children’s book app. Read more about All Fixed Up.

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