All Fixed Up: The Book

Sometimes, the waiting feels like forever. Then, suddenly, it’s like no time has passed at all.

All Fixed Up: A Red Piggy Press Children's Book (book cover)

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All Fixed Up is a personalizable book about a child who is waiting for a traveling parent to come home. It explores concepts of time, encourages imagination, and helps kids cope with complex feelings — especially kids whose parents travel often for the military or work.

This book is an adaptation of the children’s book app, All Fixed Up, which you can customize, personalize, and share for free. It was printed specifically for Kickstarter backers, and there are only a few left from our first printing. Buy All Fixed Up here.

Helicopter image inside Red Piggy Press book, All Fixed Up

All Fixed Up: Peek Inside the children's book!

Custom children's book: add your child's name hereWrite¬† your child’s name in the speech bubble!

Back cover of All Fixed Up, a Red Piggy Press children's book

Very limited quantities of this hardcover book are available — AND they are all signed by the author and illustrator. It might be a good idea to buy yours now. We’ll likely sell out before the holidays. Here’s a video of us opening the box of books. (Super exciting stuff.)

Book Details

  • hardcover
  • 10″ x 8″
  • 32 pages
  • illustrated and signed by Sara Jane Franklin
  • printed on recycled paper from renewable sources

Buy All Fixed Up, kid's book app

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