Chinese New Year Paper Bag Dragon Puppets!

by Wendy Kwasny on December 27, 2012

Turn your lunch bag into a new friend!

Did you know 2012 is the year of the dragon? And … I’m a dragon. So naturally I decided to have the kids make their own dragon puppets as the Chinese New Year comes to a close in February.

I kept the concept and the materials simple. We used:

  • brown paper lunch sacks
  • green yarn
  • crayons
  • kid scissors
  • glue sticks
  • tape
  • (mini pompoms, glitter, and paint were for another day)

Kids busy making dragon puppets

I explained how to open the flap to make the mouth and I showed them my example puppet.

I encouraged the kids to be creative. It’s been a water dragon year, but fire dragons, earth dragons, and wood dragons are all fair game.

The children really got into it. The puppets had clothes, hair, spikes, tongues, tails, ears, and all kinds of unique attributes to make them individual. They enjoyed using the glue, cutting the bags and in general running around “roaring” with the finished product.

You know what else would be super cute? Red Piggy puppets! (If you make them, I want to see! Please post to our Facebook page.)

Look at this fantasic dragon!

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Wendy Kwasny, fine artist, mommy bloggerWendy Kwasny is a mom to a boy and a girl under 6 years old, a fine artist with 15+ years experience, and an advocate of attachment parenting, hands on learning, equality for all, arts and sciences in schools, organic gardening, and free play. Follow Wendy on Twitter @bendystar and all of us @RedPiggyPress.

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